Tag Heuer Carrera Heuer 02 Silver Replica Watches Online

The Tag Heuer Replica case is almost perfect at 39 mm. Yes, it is 3mm larger than the original 1960s Carrera, but for a “modern nostalgic” watch, this is the size we think is appropriate. The purity and simplicity of this case reminds you of why Carrera is still so loved almost 60 years later.

Elegant, simple lugs, just right clarity, the same simple round chronograph button, and raised glass box crystal. It may not be the most advanced, it may not be made of carbon fiber composites or ceramics, but this is a classic chronograph that will look as good as it is today in 60 years.

The case is actually the movement, the Popular Replica TAG Heuer movement Heuer 02, which is a completely modern, vertical clutch integrated chronograph movement with an impressive 80-hour power reserve.

The strap is alligator leather, which is a surprising choice, as a similar sporty Fake Carrera chronograph has recently been paired with a rally style calfskin strap. Nevertheless, it is a beautiful strap, perfectly matched with a folding clasp with polished Heuer logo.

The selected silver shade is very beautiful. Although Calibre 18 Glassbox is golden silver, this time Swiss Tag Heuer Replica chose a stunning silver with a star-like metallic texture.