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The Tag Heuer Replica Watch has all the familiar characteristics of the classic style of Monaco, although the difference from other brands is mainly its red and white color and various commemorative accents, which are in sharp contrast with the all-blue dial of the classic style.

The watch has a 39 mm square case that is common in Monaco, with an integrated button and crown on the right. Historical caliber 11 models often use left-mounted crowns instead.

Near the center of the Tag Heuer Monaco Replica dial are two sunken small red dials for the 12-hour and 30-minute chronographs respectively, while a subtly non-sinking chronograph appears above the 6 o’clock date window for calculation operation Seconds.

The modern TAG Heuer logo and a simple “Monaco” script occupy the top of the dial, while sweeping two thin, lustrous sword handles and a red lance shape Hand for chronograph stopwatch.

The new commemorative caliber includes Cheap Tag Heuer Replica Calibre Heuer 02, which is produced in-house by the brand and is a reliable automatic movement that powers many of its modern three-register chronographs. The movement can retain 80 hours of power, and has a black hollow rotor and red engraving decoration.

The Fake Tag Heuer Watches movement can be seen through the sapphire bottom cover, “Monaco Grand Prix Historique” covered in red, black and gray, while the details of other watches are engraved around the round window, including the version number.